Globalink’s Achievement

Globalink’s Achievement up todate

1. Globalink is the first school in Malaysia and perhaps among the earliest in the World which implemented Inclusion education in teaching for typical kids and kids with leaning disabilities. The inclusion in Globalink’s concept is that the kids with learning needs and typical kids goes through the same education in the same class and same environment. We have done a research since 2003 before implementing the inclusion concept in education in 2010. Through inclusion practice, we have produce many success stories where the kids with learning disabilities have recovered from their condition and being accepted in mainstream education while the typical kids has become a better student academically, good attitude as well as empathy towards the kids with special needs. Therefore, we concluded that the right teaching method, the appropriate teaching lessons and activities, the right attitude of teachers and the therapist, and the right enviroment can produce the required result for all kids. Our result for kids with learning needs shows that changes in kids can be noticed as early as 6 months and normalisation could happen in two years. Though, recovery period may take a minimum of 6 years.

2. Globalink through GoldenChild Special Education Services has successfully implemented Multi-Disciplinary Therapy center in 2010, among the first to have this kind of joined facilties.

3. Globalink had also implemented the skill teacher training and therapist training since 2011 to bring in both the team from education and medical to work under one roof and produce the required results.

4. Finally the biggest achievement of us is that all the students grows up in a culture called Malaysian Culture. We have mixed nations students, from all races and also foreign students yet they only knows that they are Malaysians and they are equally connected to one and another without identifing the students by races and nationalities. In fact some of the students has the strenght in 4 languages in the school which is English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. This is truly a school cater to bring out the intelligence of child and developed the child holistically with international education standards, yet Malaysian customs and cultures are being emphasized